Need a fresh perspective?

Try Perpetual Experience

Perpetual experience provides a way to harness the complexity of the modern business landscape. By engaging an extended range of employees and partner organisations in customer experience activity, perpetual experience delivers the practical innovation required to compete and succeed in an evolving environment.

Developed by The QoE, the perpetual experience methodology brings together people, technology and data to liberate the powerful potential inherent in every business. By allowing themselves to be perpetually shaped by their community, businesses become more responsive, more innovative, more authentic, and more efficient through the liberation of experience and knowledge.

Perpetual Thinking

Begin by bringing relevant people together to share their experiences and reduce isolated decision-making

Experience Journeys

Next, map individual experience journeys to clarify and improve understanding of specific needs and contexts

Incubation Hub

Once you’ve done this, create an incubation hub – a concentrated flow of real world, real time experiences

Experience Engine

Lastly, bring together the knowledge, opinions, facts and experiences into a multi-layered data repository

The QoE brought a refreshing approach, different from other consultancies, and their ability to draw on experience from a range of industries made them a great disruptor. They were pragmatic and looked at the specific situation of Vodafone, helping different parts of the organisation identify and solve their challenges. They helped build a convincing case for change across the business.

Nikolina Glamoclija

Senior Manager, Digital Customer Service, Vodafone