Having just completed my book Perpetual Experience, I can honestly say that writing a book is no small task. However, the process has really helped me clarify my thinking around customer experience, where it works, and where we could do more.

But what is Perpetual Experience, and why should it matter to you? Back in 2005, customer experience had only just emerged as an issue for businesses and the topic was a mystery to many. But since then, customer experience has grown to become one of the most important considerations for every business and is now a key differentiator.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been privileged to help some of the largest businesses in the UK improve their understanding of customer experience through the QoE (Quality of Experience) group. The QoE discussions have provided me with unique insights into the opportunities that customer experience offers for improving businesses. And by that, I don’t just mean improving customer experience – I mean improving efficiency, responsiveness, innovation and margin. Perpetual Experience represents the culmination of these insights, and is my way of paying tribute to the great work of all the passionate and dedicated professionals who have helped shape the QoE discussions.

What’s in it for you?

If you interested in driving business improvement you’ll be interested in the book. Whether you work in a customer experience, customer service, operations, or digital role, Perpetual Experience enables you to realign your business in support of the customer by challenging entrenched mindsets ways of working.

The Perpetual Experience methodology identifies and brings together the people who have the relevant experience to really solve persistent issues and improve experiences. It draws together people from across the business and its partners who are involved in the end-to-end delivery of any given experience. In doing so, it reveals the short-cuts work-arounds that employees have developed to solve problems and uses these to help businesses become more responsive, more innovative, more authentic, and more efficient.

I’ve written Perpetual Experience because I believe it can help customer experience achieve its full potential as a powerful mechanism for improving businesses. I’m both pleased and relieved to say that the book is now complete and available at www.perpetualexperience.com.

And I’d love to hear your views and would welcome your comments.

Carl Lyon is a customer experience thought leader and author of Perpetual Experience.