Digital technologies offer almost limitless opportunities for customer experience. Which is great, but at the same time not terribly helpful.

At the QoE, we’re halfway through our first discussion of 2017 focusing on digital experience. A key observation emerging from the first session was how easily we jump to the extremes when discussing digital experiences.  Developments in artificial intelligence, drone deliveries, and driverless cars are all very well. But these extremes can make it difficult to focus on what digital means for our company and our customers.


Making good decisions

Should we strive to be bold and deliver state-of-the-art digital experiences? Or should we use digital to make marginal gains that will incrementally improve the lives of our customers? How do we identify what is the best course of action in the specific context of our business? To make effective decisions, we need to:

  • obtain a clearer picture of our customers’ evolving needs
  • understand the extent to which our business can fulfil those needs

If we align these two criteria, we can give customers what they want (a good experience) while also satisfying the needs of the business (a cost-effective and relatively easy response).


What is your experience?

So how do we get to a place where we can see clearly what to do next, and engage employees effectively in the process? Or, to be more precise, how do you do it?

We want to hear about your experiences in this area. How are you bringing your approach to customer experience into a ‘digital first’ environment? What specific challenges and opportunities does digital present for you, your company and your industry?

If you can spare a few minutes we’d love to hear your opinions. Book your place at the next discussion group on 23rd February in London, or just send us a quick email or message on social media.

One last thing – if you haven’t yet got a copy of Carl’s book Perpetual Experience and you’d like one, just let us know your address and we’ll put a signed copy in the post for you.