Customer experience, data, risk analysis, fraud prevention and employee empowerment – all in two days

Two great days exploring customer experience, fraud, risk and employee engagement – held together by data and Subex expertise. This must be the first time I’ve combined these elements in one sentence, but a couple of days in Zagreb at the Subex User Conference have convinced me that the combination is possible.

Too many companies consider CX as predominantly a service issue in any serious analysis, effort or practical application. But we have known for a long time that it’s better to get things right first time, rather than focus on costly service recovery.

As we listened to presentations and participated in workshops it became increasingly apparent that we now have the technology and the people to turn the right first time ambition into reality. As risk analysis develops in accuracy and reach, customer trust is being nudged into a true brand differentiator. And as we move further into the new world powered by the IoT this will become the true currency of success. Fraud prevention is moving in the same direction. Increasingly customers and the company being protected with more than the blanket rule approach. Long gone are the days when a credit card is blocked the first time we go abroad or shop on the internet. Sophisticated fraud prevention utilising honeypots, big data and AI are at last competing with, or in advance of the fraudsters.

The last piece of the jigsaw is the move to empowering employees to make quick and accurate decisions. This requires the data and its corresponding analysis to be presented in a logical and intuitive environment. We then have the best of all worlds with technology, data, AI and people working in harmony to deliver consistent customer experiences and business outcomes.

Thank you to everyone involved, particularly Subex for bringing us together. Everyone’s enthusiasm and ambition was truly inspiring.

Extract from Carl Lyon’s presentation at the Subex Conference in Croatia, October 2017 – shared with the prior permission of Subex