To automate or not to automate

Customer analytics are extremely effective at root cause analysis, but we need to take care that we are not trying to automate intuitively powered human thinking.

IVR call routing has its place but it is easy to over complicate as it is almost impossible to deny your own knowledge of navigation and language.

Call routing,  either implicit or explicit, needs to be undertaken with care, once again data driven evidence can o]en override common sense. Agents can seem to perform well on a certain product or type of call but can this be sustained ­‐ or is it a statistical anomaly in the first place? Either this could lead to a downward spiral or perhaps a mix of data -­‐ supervisor and agent appraisal would be a more effective assessment.

Similar scenarios are often found with over use of other technologies, such as sentiment engines and voice analytics.  A balance between automation and human intervention needs to be maintained. Unfortunately the human element is often restricted by language and behavioural norms of the organisation.

From The QoE, September 2012, ‘Tools of the Trade’