Creating Value through Experience

We believe good experiences are addictive. We return to good experiences, leave the bad behind. Good experiences are a driving force for creativity and collaboration, keeping businesses at the top of their game.

What we do

We support businesses that operate in increasingly complex environments. Customer experience is not just about the customer but the three core elements that represent the challenges… and the solutions.

Addressing all three areas fully, increases the available knowledge, data and insight to keep pace as challenges continue to change.

What we do. Custormer Experience, Employee Experience, Digital Experience
  • Customer experience
    Your customers’ desire for innovative solutions to their needs can increase pressure on performance levels across your business. Through our collaborative problem solving and issueresolution model we can help you to identify those evolving needs to improve performance and deliver exceptional CX. In our experience, workstreams created through partnerships of internal and external resource provide rapid, high-quality solutions. Each workstream is aligned around the core customer benefit, not a simple physical deliverable. This focus on the results inspires the workstream and ensures alignment to your broader strategy.
  • Employee experience
    People may be customers, or just those talking about your business. They may work for, or partner with your company. Every one of them will have needs, preferences, knowledge and experience, and the tools they use will influence how they learn, work, rest and play. They will want the tools that reduce effort while increasing effectiveness, a clear purpose and a positive environment. Our employee wellbeing programme identifies the hidden risks to your people and your company, where, why and how.
  • Digital experience
    We can help you to deliver effective digital experiences by maturity mapping your brand and capability journey from analogue to digital – and into the future. Our environments are becoming increasingly complex but we know that problems, large or small, have the same dynamics. We need to ensure that knowledge flow, connectivity, creative design and implementation through focused digital deployment can be fully effective in real world terms.

How we can help

Our approach means we can deliver the very best outputs for your individual needs - outputs that work in the real world of people and digital technology. In a nutshell, we collaborate. We get to grips with your needs. So we roll up our sleeves, sit down with your people and work hand in glove together at every stage.

We help you cut through competing priorities and business noise to create a simple dynamic programme that generates sustained momentum and energy. At the heart of the delivery activity is an innovative governance approach, proportionate and agile, ensuring that informed decisions are rapidly agreed with a clear understanding of the progress and direction of the activity. Within our collaboration and problem solving model we introduce, where appropriate, an authorising group. A co-chaired Board that obsesses about not just hitting time-based milestones, but ensuring the solution is right, delivering the sustained business impact that agents and customers love.

how we can help

Where to start


Changing customer and employee needs and delivery options


You have a clear direction and need a quick review to fine tune delivery


We provide experienced resource to maximise the speed of output for your project


Helping you to identify and rectify situations that aren’t delivering results

“Perpetual Experience brought a refreshing approach, different from other consultancies, and their ability to draw on experience from a range of industries made them a great disruptor. They were pragmatic and looked at the specific situation of Vodafone, helping different parts of the organisation identify and solve their challenges. They helped build a convincing case for change across the business.”

Nikolina Glamoclija Senior Manager, Digital Customer Service, Vodafone

Some of our people

Some of the companies we have worked with...

ASOS Atom Cadent Vodafone Roland Overbury Sure International Simply Health Virgin

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