In the last few days, you’ve undoubtedly had at least one conversation with a colleague about customer experience. As other market differentiators become less effective, customer experience becomes the focus of sizeable investment to deliver commercial advantage. However, focusing solely on the customer perspective is no longer sufficient.

In the real world, experiences are delivered by a network of employee and partners, leaving the customer experience open to potential inconsistency. With digitally enabled experiences driving rapid change, organisations are increasingly finding that addressing customer experience reveals broader, complex, cross-functional problems.

The challenge facing many organisations is therefore how to align customer, employee and digital experiences to achieve optimal performance. So, how can you find out how other businesses are approaching these issues? How can you plan and allocate your resources with confidence by understanding the real ROI? And how can you quickly deliver market-leading experiences?

Our approach enables you to develop practical, cross-functional solutions by finding the optimal balance between these three key experiences across your business.

Designed to give you confidence

Representatives from comparable organisations are interviewed to uncover how they have approached this topic, identifying best practice examples and innovative approaches.

All input is analysed to identify the key themes of the topic.

Then we convene a one day, highly interactive workshop that brings together leading industry thinkers and like-minded practitioners to address the key themes emerging from the data analysis.

Following the workshop, video case studies with participants are created to develop and expand the findings, providing you with engaging evidence of specific strategies and approaches. And finally the output of the workshop is developed into a reference document containing actionable ideas to help you drive action that will deliver real world outcomes.

    At the end of the programme you will have:
  • Gained an understanding of how like-minded individuals are tackling the same issues that you are facing
  • Worked on your key issue with industry-leading practitioners
  • Made valuable connections with people who can help you obtain a fresh perspective
  • Obtained practical resources that you can begin applying immediately, or use to build a convincing case for change.
    • Our approach means that you can address your key issue within a matter of days, instead of spending weeks on developing your thinking. The enhanced insight you obtain from the programme will give you the confidence to make the right decisions and investments for your organisation.

The opportunity to learn from best practice is invaluable, and can save you months of planning. Reserve your place on the Best Practice programme for £5,000 to obtain access to the latest insights on customer, employee and digital experience.

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