What are the four stages of Perpetual Experience?

Perpetual Thinking

Perpetual thinking is an approach to complex problem solving that helps organisations tackle persistent issues in order to improve experiences. It is the foundation of perpetual experience, and involves bringing together a small group of people to stretch their thinking on a given topic.

Perpetual thinking groups are deployed to address a variety of scenarios, from finding resolutions to complex problems to evaluating propositions and guiding strategy. They provide a business with

  • Fully contextualised and validated solutions and a working hypothesis to test, re-validate and implement
  • Accumulated knowledge and a data view of the operating environment
  • A comprehensive map of interacting factors and required actions
  • A proven method of addressing this type of issue in the future
  • Patterns, trends and data to inform decision-making

People Experience Journeys

People experience journeys enable organisations to identify and explore all the factors that contribute to complex business problems. They reveal the root causes of problems and help a business develop solutions to these root causes, rather than simply deal with the symptoms.

By exploring the needs of each individual involved in the creation and delivery of a product or service, a people experience journey reveals the many tensions, blockages and workarounds that can result in a poor experience for employees, the business and the customer.

Incubation Hub

An Incubation hub brings together the people needed to get to the root cause of the problem identified through the people experience journeys. The purpose of the incubation hub is to get into the granular detail of the problem, examine the needs of everyone involved, test a hypothesis, and generate viable options for transformation.

By generating better ways for people to find and share the knowledge they need, the incubation hub reduces cost of service, reduces stress and workplace effort, increases operational efficiency, delivers marginal gains for customers and employees, and improves the experience of everyone involved.

Experience Engine

The experience engine is a tool that makes it possible to search the knowledge and experience that exists in a business. It contains searchable records of the experiences, legacy assets, themes and trends that emerge from the people experience journeys and incubation hub. This permits a search of both ‘what happened’ and ‘how it happened’ in order to solve a problem.

Providing a searchable repository of legacy assets and experiences makes it possible to find out how a problem was addressed in the past. Importantly, the experience engine provides a social platform to enable a conversation with the person who solved the problem so that others can ask direct questions relating to their specific situation. The ability to search the organisational memory of experiences saves time, money and resources when seeking a solution to a problem.

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