Carl Lyon

Carl Lyon is a thought leader in customer experience. Having identified how to connect businesses with real world outcomes in his book Perpetual Experience™, his company now helps global businesses achieve optimal performance by combining the benefits of customer, employee and digital experience.

The Perpetual Experience methodology is founded on Carl’s analytical skills and facilitative approach to problem solving. By questioning and combining individual perspectives and standpoints, Carl challenges entrenched thinking to help businesses develop new and innovative interventions that work in the context of their own working environment.

David Goldsworth

Customer obsessed business problem solver, creating successful customer strategies at the highest levels of world class brands. Immersed in online connectivity and the digital economy for 20 years, turning complex, technological solutions into simple, memorable customer focused experiences. Bringing sustained value to customers, creating long term commercial returns through innovation and passion for business transformation.

Lewis Ryden

Lewis is a leading practitioner in customer experience. By defining the optimal experience and empowering employees, Lewis ensures the business delivers on its promises, both to the customer and itself.

Most recently, Lewis has been in a digital bank start-up designing the experience blueprint for retail and commercial banking products. He established the customer experience function and introduced capability to measure the experience once live.

Jo Kennedy

Jo is a leading practitioner in employee and customer experience. Jo helps organisations to define their optimal customer experience and then organise themselves internally to deliver on their promises through empowered employees.

Most recently, within an organisation with a rapidly maturing digital strategy, Jo identified how critical the employee experience would be. She focused initially on the contact centre with a transformation programme and subsequently supporting areas to ensure a digital mindset flourished.

Tim Kitchener

Over the last ten years Tim has worked as an outcome orientated customer experience programme manager across a diverse range of business to business organisations, including telecommunications, travel, utilities and business supplies.

Through customer feedback, Tim delivers deep actionable customer insight and journey mapping that drives growth through increased loyalty and advocacy. Using this insight he also helps teams become more performant through behavioural change.

Rob Wells

Rob is a leading practitioner in utilising digital technology to deliver outstanding experiences and operational efficiency. Rob has extensive experience of creating buy-in and driving change in large, complex organisations through a combination of senior stakeholder management and detailed end-user insight.

Most recently Rob collaborated with a global communications company to create a customer experience blueprint that captured and communicated a shared vision for customer experience across the group. This empowered employees to create products with an inspiring customer experience designed into the core.

Maria McCann

Maria has been at the leading edge of digital customer experience for the last decade with a niche in building customer experience and service strategies for organisations in hyper-growth.

Maria provides a fresh alternative to long transformation programmes. She focuses instead on helping organisations achieve fast momentum in their digital transformation through agile methods that have been adapted to deliver commercially viable customer and employee experiences.

Tony Reeves

Tony’s lifelong purpose is to help people communicate and collaborate more effectively using digital technologies. His research into digital experience and communities led him to join us in 2015, and he brings with him an extensive background in online learning and community development.

As a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Tony focuses on the need to think critically about how technology can both help and hinder effective working. His question-driven approach helps organisations identify the technological, human and strategic factors that affect digital transformation initiatives in their specific context.


Antonia Bradley

Keeping it real and making it happen are Antonia’s specialities, along with busting budgets, logistics and finding solutions to crises. She takes research and multitasking to the extreme and thrives on getting involved in as many different experiences as possible. Most of all Ant values developing and maintaining strong relationships with everyone – clients, partners, suppliers, friends.

With her phone permanently attached to her hip, Antonia is a good starting point if you would like to find out more about how we can help.


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