Perpetual experience is a methodology that brings life into business. Since its inception, customer experience has represented the mechanism through which new information is brought into the organisation for discussion. Perpetual experience significantly enhances how this information is used and enables today’s large businesses to achieve their true evolutionary potential.

This book tackles some of the key mysteries of customer experience in its wider context. Part 1 discusses the main challenges that are the cause of much of the disruption currently affecting businesses in many sectors. Part 2 of the book then goes on to explain how perpetual experience can provide an effective response to this disruption.

What's the book about?

The chapters cover the following topics:

Introduction to perpetual experience

Disruptive Innovation: how searchable knowledge and hyperconnectivity are changing people’s behaviours

The Digital Landscape: the ways in which digital technologies are shaping the business landscape, and the implications for experiences

Many Voices: how the diversity of opinion now available to businesses can provide a clearer understanding of individual needs and experiences

I’m an Individual: the ways in which the connected society is driving a greater focus on ‘individual’, rather than simply ‘customer’ needs

Moving Forward: tracks the development of customer experience, and explains how perpetual experience can help customer experience to evolve

Us, Not Them: explores why we should be seeking to influence behaviours through experiences for both employees and customers

Exerting Influence: examines the benefits of leading by influencing rather than by authority, but also why effective influence is difficult to achieve

Building Authenticity: explains why authenticity is the holy grail for businesses and how perpetual experience can provide the information to drive more authentic interactions

Making it Happen: how to put perpetual experience into action

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